Thursday, February 9, 2023


My artworks have transformed into various forms, bringing me immense joy. Unexpectedly, dreams have materialized during unforeseen moments.

Amid the pandemic and subsequent lockdown from March 2020 to January 2022, I utilized my time to organize my photos. When the photo books arrived, tears of joy welled up as I witnessed my painting journey captured on the pages. Such moments fuel my passion.

Introducing my collection of cushion covers adorned with the birds and animals dear to my heart has opened up new avenues to share my art.

Embarking on the creation of hand-embellished art pieces, which are intricate and time-consuming, has been a gratifying journey. Each artwork is crafted to be unique, fulfilling the desire to offer my customers one-of-a-kind pieces. This experimentation with different designs and collectibles continues to fuel my creativity.

The opportunity to step in for a watercolor class during a voyage to the Arctic in July-August, as the scheduled artist was unable to make it due to the pandemic, reignited my passion for teaching. Subsequently, I began conducting art classes for private groups amidst my travels in 2022.

Returning to the Falklands for the fourth time during an Antarctica voyage on Azamara Pursuit in December-February was a joyous experience. Witnessing the flourishing colony of King Penguins, which I had captured in a watercolor painting during my visits in 2020, brought immense delight. The charm and grace of these beautiful creatures captivate me, especially during encounters with Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo, Patagonia. The vast colony of an estimated 2 million penguins, the largest on Continental South America, left me in awe.

After a fulfilling journey, I am now back in the studio, engrossed in creating more penguin art, translating these majestic creatures onto watercolor paper.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

New Website Under Construction

 A new gallery and shop will be available soon.  It is exciting and challenging with the new formats but getting there!

Saturday, February 29, 2020



A commission,  Bouquet at Signal Hill
Watercolor on watercolor paper 

A very different time,  that has slowly becoming adapted and adjusted to. It changed the whole year's plan for where I would be and as I am writing in the beginning of  March 2021 from my studio in Kota Kinabalu, I must say I did my best to be.

My goal is to paint or create every day. The uncertainties ahead of the world is tremendously changing the way I regard all the things that were easily accessible by having the freedom to do what I want at where and when I want.  I could say it is the same now,  I decide and choose for everything, every aspects of life.  But the frame is tighter and narrower.  I decided that I want to embrace it all,  come what may.  After all,  I am blessed with the roof over my head and a burning heart to create.

Friday, July 19, 2019


For me, home is where my studio is. The answer to the constant question from people, 'so, where's home for you?'
 At the studio, I am in my favorite mode of being- creating!
I like to set up stations in the studio, or a room, to accommodate works of mine of different sizes for different exhibitions.
They serve as 'mood zones'. Which is vital for me to function as a creative painter. And helps to generate similar flow of work that I have been working the day before or earlier.
Right now I am preparing for the UK Bird Fair and Borneo Women's Art Exhibition.
It's warm in the tropics, luckily I am acclimatized as soon as I am back!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sourcing for New Art Materials

As the 2018 travelling rolls from one to the next, I have been to so many new places, seen so many new creatures, people and things over the past eleven months. I am in a hotel in Lima, to complete my one month travelling in Peru for another three days. Marvelled at the new Seven Wonders of The World Machu Picchu, Amazonas river cruise, Amazon rainforest & islands, bird watching with top experienced bird guides in Peru. Hiking in Northern Peru to see the endemics of the mountain and the most spectacular displays of the Marvelous Spactuletail, the most beautiful hummingbird of the world. There are more than 50 species of hummingbirds I have seen now.
I will use these wonderful experiences, loading them gradually into my next art works. I must admit that it is a challenge, never before I have so much resources for my creative input and output! I am definitely overwhelmed.
In the ten days break from travelling in December, I shall be doing lots of organizing of my abundant artistic resources.
A birthday card for a new friend from one of the trips on our itinerary envelope, featuring a Llama Family, as South American as can be expected!
She was thrilled.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Warton Hall Garden

To zest up the winter studio in Denmark, I started off with a set of orangutans ink and coffee watercolor! They are excited to be in the open garden at Warton Hall Garden from 3rd - 7th May.
             Part 1 : Strandvang, Denmark
Step 1: Inked
Step 2: Coffeed!

Absolutely my own original idea, my Bird Connect Paintings will be featuring Birds of English Garden this season.
Inked and spattered!

First bird, a Gold Finch

Canvas 1. Birds of English Garden

Canvas 2. Birds of English Garden

Canvas 3. Birds of English Garden

Canvas 4. Birds of English Garden

Painting the birds. That feeling of joy, when working with colors! I'm happy.



Bullfinches & Hawfinch
I like the plain background. But I know I will add on , the colors outside the windows suggests more!

Spring Symphony I & II, III & IV will be rolled up tomorrow and that's for now with Spring studio session ain Denmark.
I will finalize details when I am in the studio in UK.

Part 2 : Warton Hall, UK
Arrived safely. Stretching on blind stretchers is hard work for me!

Adding in the happiness!


 The panels and the surroundings echoing one another. 

Why do I create? It gives me enjoyment.

Exhibition ready!

Transient Dreamers I & II

How can I resist a round canvas? Of course I have to buy two. A well stocked art material shop in Blackpool is like a treasure cove for me. Can't wait to start!


How painting happens to me, is a process of transforming my passion, observations and fascinations of my surroundings.  Channelling my energy into finding subjects, that can express my emotions through their colors, shapes and forms.
Open my mind, and let saturated in the atmosphere. When I am awake, the dreamy state makes it's marks. Love is in the air, Spring is in the air. Making the invisible visible. Therefore my art is created!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Going To The River

A commission painting.
-The jungle scene with Borneo wildlife rooting in their habitats plus lush greens-


Technically, it sounds like this.
Emotionally, it is more.
Sitting in a room, the closest green is the climber on my balcony that managed from a floor below.
Overlooking the backyard garden, playground and the small hillside that once in a while the township workers come to clear, I enjoy the sightings of sunbirds, squirrels, chameleons, white breasted waterhens , emerald doves and common bubuls.
This small patch of green lung is the home for a small group of urban wildlife, that I hope will stay.
The Borneo Rainforest, the kingdom of animals is getting attention from humans, of different motives. The cooperation is after the economic and natural resources, the poachers after the ivory, feathers, skins and bones. The naturalists and environmentalists do their research and conservations.
The animals, they just want to wake up at the break of day and go to the river for a swim.
Or perch on a tree, or feed on the figs.
Or care for their youngs, or swing from tree to tree.
Physically, my back hurts with thoughts like this, and when I sit on the floor for too long, painting.
Emotionally, I am contented to be the story teller of the Utopia I have created.

Going To The River
152 x 80cm Oil on canvas Commission


Friday, October 7, 2016

Self Portraits of The Silent Ambassador

Somehow it came to a point during the process of creating my enjoyable watercolors and wildlife paintings, that there should be an image to describe the artist that believes her works are carrying messages of importance about the randomness, beauty; precious, strange and wonderful elements of the Wildlife and Birds, and that these are the essential creatures to help balance everything on Earth. That their existence is also closely linked with the human's, more than we ever wanted to know..
So here's Borneo Art Base's Silent Ambassador, carrying the motifs of the wildlife representative, the birds.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Of The Rainforest Wildlife Paintings

All are special, all are treasured. Mamals or birds, amphibians or insects. They are jewels of my creation.