Friday, March 16, 2018

Warton Hall Garden

To zest up the winter studio in Denmark, I started off with a set of orangutans ink and coffee watercolor! They are excited to be in the open garden at Warton Hall Garden from 3rd - 7th May.
             Part 1 : Strandvang, Denmark
Step 1: Inked
Step 2: Coffeed!

Absolutely my own original idea, my Bird Connect Paintings will be featuring Birds of English Garden this season.
Inked and spattered!

First bird, a Gold Finch

Canvas 1. Birds of English Garden

Canvas 2. Birds of English Garden

Canvas 3. Birds of English Garden

Canvas 4. Birds of English Garden

Painting the birds. That feeling of joy, when working with colors! I'm happy.



Bullfinches & Hawfinch
I like the plain background. But I know I will add on , the colors outside the windows suggests more!

Spring Symphony I & II, III & IV will be rolled up tomorrow and that's for now with Spring studio session ain Denmark.
I will finalize details when I am in the studio in UK.

Part 2 : Warton Hall, UK
Arrived safely. Stretching on blind stretchers is hard work for me!

Adding in the happiness!


 The panels and the surroundings echoing one another. 

Why do I create? It gives me enjoyment.

Exhibition ready!

Transient Dreamers I & II

How can I resist a round canvas? Of course I have to buy two. A well stocked art material shop in Blackpool is like a treasure cove for me. Can't wait to start!


How painting happens to me, is a process of transforming my passion, observations and fascinations of my surroundings.  Channelling my energy into finding subjects, that can express my emotions through their colors, shapes and forms.
Open my mind, and let saturated in the atmosphere. When I am awake, the dreamy state makes it's marks. Love is in the air, Spring is in the air. Making the invisible visible. Therefore my art is created!

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