Saturday, March 5, 2016

Take A Walk At The Water Garden

The White Breasted Waterhen .  A common visitor in my family home's backyard garden. The waterhen couple often help themselves to the chicken feed which my father's pet hen generously shares with them.
I find them a great joy to watch, full of lively activities all the more accentuated by their graphic black and white features.
Here I place this adorable waterhen in my waterlily garden.  Still working from the studio in Denmark, but my heart warms up to the thoughts of my old water garden and these wonderful creatures!

                        Day 1

Walk with me . Water lilies and White Breasted Waterhen

                       Day 2

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Day 3
Intensifying and more defining

Day 4
The sky gets bright and blue today. So I introduce blue into the painting

Day 5

I like how it appears to be now. Rendering the nature according to my feelings of the subject is the priority. The Essence, as commented by viewers of my work.

Day 6

Almost there..
For now.

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