Thursday, February 25, 2016

Red Alert

Painting wildlife that are endangered species.

Extinction Is Forever
Is it that easy to look away?

Day 1
Borneo Pygmy Elephant : Extinction Is Forever

Day 2

My regular client must have tapped into my conciousness.  So, simultaneously I am working on a commission on mother & baby Borneo Pygmy Elephant painting.
This is a watercolor study of the protective mother.

Watercolor study of female pygmy elephant

Watercolor study of a baby Borneo Pygmy Elephant

 Day 3

Mother and baby wildlife continues :

Hold On
Watercolor of mother and baby orang hutan

All I Need
Watercolor mother and baby Sumatran White Rhino

Day 4
Working fast, focus and putting all I have learned so far together

You Can Count On Me
Acrylic on Watercolor paper
75 x 75cm
Day 5

After layers of washes, I will leave it for now. With a fresh eye and energy when I am back in hometown, I shall be able to work on the mother and calf commission from this watercolor.

You Can Count On Me
75 x 75cm Acrylic on Watercolor paper SOLD


  1. I absolutely LOVE the elephants - how can I get hold of one? Chris (Breen)

  2. Thank you Chris, I will be in touch.

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